Challenge Matches begin Fall 2021

Starting this month we will be trying a new method for our ladder and challenge matches. The ladder is set up in groups of 3 players.  So you each have two matches to play.  


The player with the best record moves up to the next group, middle record stays, and worst record moves down a group.  If there is a win/loss tie, it then goes to sets won/sets lost, then games won/games lost, then if needed they just move according to order

 If unplayed, both parties will drop two spots on the ladder and be assigned extra conditioning.

All matches are best two out of three sets, supertiebreak for the third set, no-ad scoring.

Winner is responsible for emailing scores to Coach Cunha via email (



1.Parker Kaifesh

2. Luke

3. Nick

4. Sebastian

5. Phil

6. Cameron

7. Ty Calkins

8. Matthew

9. Cale

10. Cris

11. Sujith

12. Logan

13. Tyrus

14. Quinn

15. Dylan Woo




Jaeden Devlin

Grant Eastley

Anden Work


1. Sierra

2. Emma


4. Trish

5. Larsen

6. Gwen

7. Claire Tilse

8. Paola

9. Savana

10. Sophia

11. Helaina

12. Izzy

13. Lindsey

14. Camerie


Devin Scott

Alora Goodfellow

Fayte Le

Illari Qoyllur