Challenge Matches will begin 11/11/19

You will play the person you are grouped with on the ladder. Typically, you will have one week to play your match. If unplayed, both parties will drop two spots on the ladder and be assigned extra conditioning.

All matches are best two out of three sets, supertiebreak for the third set, no-ad scoring.

Winner is responsible for emailing scores to Coach Cunha via email (

First challenge match will be due: 11/18/19


1. Snehin Yerragudi

2. Josh​

3. Paul

4. Logan Lupeamanu Sr

5. Jos Ebersole Sr

6. Parker Kaifesh

7. Cameron Park

8. Max Cole

9. Griffith Smith

10. Gabe Kwid

11. Luke Shelton

12. Nicholas Ham

13. Constantinos

14. Grant Eastley

15. Phil Hwang

16. Nithin Tarigopula

17. Matthew Rudolf

18. Cale Nedrow

19. Cris Espinoza

20. Dominic Cardenez

21. Brannon Basa


22. Lucas Santos

23. Anden Work



 Dylan Karp




1. Merideth Watson 

2. Fiorella Briceno

3. Alexis Wineinger

4. Juliana Morrison

5. Anna Weid

6. Jordan Reedy

7. Rebecca Galan Sr

8. Devin Scott

9. Emma Weid

10. Trish Nguyen

11. Larsen Simecek

12. Jun Park

13. Mikka Bender

14. Mary Jo Velasquez

15. Brenna Scott Sr

16. JR Gomez

17. Sierra

18. Izzy Duong

19. Alora Goodfellow

20. Nora Bardash

21. Ashley Woo

22. Claire Tilse

23. Sophia Saenz

24. Gwen Smith

25. Anna Marie Horner

26. Teresa Garza


27. Cam Hennig

28. Jiselle Perez

29. kimberly Vo

30. Saira Goraya


Allie Meyer


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